Activities for PE


Preparation for PE class is crucial. PE planning is mandatory. No matter how experienced and how skillful you are, you always have to prepare for class. There are three types of preparation

· Theoretical preparation refers to preparing theoretical introduction for students

· Methodic preparation refers to critical analyze of methods and steps, type of motoric activities, shapes, conditions, volume of matter, periods of work and other methodical problems linked to realization every single class

· Technical-operational preparation refers to checking reliability of exercise equipment, and other devices that will be used in class; preparation of mandatory requisites (balls, mats, sticks and so on); marking field etc.


Any good teacher knows that for PE planning stretching is mandatory. On the beginning of any class, you should teach your students how to stretch themselves.

Head circling – stand steady, split your legs, make gap between them, put arms on hips, move your head left, move it forward, move it right, move it back and repeat. You don’t have to count number of repeats, just use words.

Arms circles – stand steady, put your arms beside body and start making circles with your arms.

Stretching back – stand steady, put your hands on back of your head. Move your upper body left and right but don’t move your legs and hips

Squats – this is bit harder exercise to do, so make sure that you warmed up well. Stand steady, put hands in front of yourself like you pointing on something in front of you. Make gap between your legs and start squatting up and down.


Sport is great way to make PE more interesting and in same time useful. Be sure that you explained rules to your students very clearly, give them requisites and teach them how to improve their physical skills in fun way.